Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Revlon Lip Butter In Peach Parfait..Disappointing

 Hi Everybody! I was super excited to check out the raved about Revlon Lip butters i put off buying them for a while but decided to try them. I bought the shade Peach parfait and i'm not happy, love the colour but the glitters in them made the product gritty and i'm not a fan of shimmery lip colours its my own fault or choosing this shade but i really advise trying the ones without any shimmer. These retail for £7.99 which is pretty pricey for a lip butter these also don't come with a lot of product.

Lasting power and annoying problem
This lasts for about 2 hours max which means you need to reapply frequently, also coming back to the fact it doesn't have a lot of product in it. In addition when you twist the tube to put the product back inside some product gets smushed up and gets taken off round the edges with means even less product. For the price i expected a lot more product.

Also when this particular shades wears off it leave a LOT of golden shimmer behind, and its hard to remove all that shimmer and it just really bugs me. And its a shame its such a beautiful colour!

All that chunky glitter!

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait RRP 7.99
So skip on this shade, Have anyone tried out this shade? If you have tell me down below if it works for you :) I'd love to hear your thoughts xx

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Hello Everyone! Hope your having a great day, I heard Tanya burr and many other people rave about this powder and how it was comparable to high end powders which definitely intrigued me, since i was in need of a new powder i decided to check it out. This is a super affordable powder at only £3.99! It has 14g of product.

Swatch of the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder In 001 Transparent
     The texture of this powder is lovely, its so smooth. It leaves the skin looking gorgeous!

I got this powder in the shade transparent so i knew for certain that it would look alright on my skin tone.
    First off, the packaging isn't the best which i can let slip because of the quality of the powder and the price. Unlike many other powders this one doesn't have a mirror which doesnt really affect me because i always have a mirror on hand anyway. This powder claims to last 5 hours but i had to touch up throughout the day.
The powder makes my skin look matte and flawless, love it! And i love the rimmel logo that's imprinted in the powder. Overall this powder is Ah-mazing value for money! I'd definitely recommend picking up this product :)
So have you tried this product out? If you have tell me your thoughts down below and if you haven't will you be doing so? :) xx


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation Review

I heard so much about this foundation that i just had to pick it up while it was on sale a few weeks ago for £4.98, What a bargain! So this foundation retails for £8.99 which is not bad especially since there is always the 3 for 2 promotion going on.

My skin is Normal to Oily and i would recommend this foundation to people with normal skin or dry skin and want their skin to look dewy, healthy and radiant this is the foundation for you! If you have Oily skin then this product is not for you, it will make you look like your sweating! So i would advise you to stay away from this foundation since it also has shimmer in it.

This foundation has a lightweight feel and has a medium coverage, its a great foundation for everyday since it makes you look glowy and awake! This foundation is really creamy and blends well with fingers or a brush.

    My shade is in 200 Soft beige which is a little light for me right now, this also has SPF 15 which     is a great bonus. Protecting is skin is super important. There is not a very good shade selection,       there are 6 available shades which is a bummer because this is a wonderful product.
   This foundation comes in a glass bottle with a bright neon orange lid, i like the packaging it makes    the product feel like its expensive me and you both know it isn't but lets keep that a secret..Shh!
   It comes with a pump and i LOVE that! Makes life in the morning a lot easier my past experience    with foundations without a pump haven't been too good.
  Have you tried out this foundation? If you have I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments       and if you haven't are you thinking about picking this up? :)

Monday, 2 September 2013

Introduction to my Blog! :)

Heyy there my fellow makeup lovers Im misbah and i love make up! :) If your someone who loves makeup and wants reviews, swatches, hits and misses and dupes and all that jazz you've come to the right place! Please feel free to comment down below for any requests for posts :)  This is my first time writing a blog, i adore writing and makeup so i thought that starting a blog would be a great idea..Thanks you for reading :) xx